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Traditional Attire Group - WelcomeWelcome to Traditional Attire Group

This is the site for gay men who like to dress formally in traditional styles. For us, there is a satisfaction, even an erotic charge, in donning the smart menswear of yesteryear, such as traditional types of suits, shirts and stiff collars, ties, waistcoats, hats, shoes – but also the largely hidden accessories which are so closely associated with such styles – braces, armbands, sock-suspenders, button-front long underwear, watch-chains, even monocles!

Despite all this formality, our attitude is welcoming and friendly, as are our social events. All we ask is that you have a genuine interest in traditional attire, whether you favour the stiff-collar ‘City’ style, or the tweed ‘Country’ look (or both). If you are attracted to men who dress traditionally, but have not yet felt able to do so yourself, we will be happy to advise you on what is suitable.

We do have a dress-code for our social events, but we are not judgemental and our aim is to include rather than exclude.


We offer you free membership, news, and an online contact register (with access only to members), as well as invitations to our special events. Our contact list encourages you to give full details of your clothes interests, and what in formal wear excites you. You can even provide a photograph of yourself in your finery!

We invite you to look at the following pages, which cover all aspects of traditional attire. If you feel that this is the group for you, please fill in the application form.