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The corner-stone of traditional men’s attire, a good suit is the most important item of clothing for the well-dressed gentleman. A well-made suit does not come cheap, but it need not cost the earth, and it will last many years.

Having a suit made for you by a tailor is ideal, not only for the better quality and fit, but also because a good tailor will willingly incorporate traditional features. Special features for trousers are button fly, braces buttons (both essential), probably turn-ups, with possibly a high or ‘fish-tail’ back, and for the jacket, a shiny, boldly-coloured lining.

The suit - if intended for town wear - should be three-piece, with a small extra button-hole in the waistcoat for the watch chain, if worn, to pass through. Both suits and waistcoats can be single or double-breasted, according to taste.

Three-piece suits are preferable for both city and country styles, as they provide extra flexibility:  i.e. in summer or for less formal occasions, they can still be worn as two-piece.

Generally, traditionalists favour city suits in shades of navy or grey, often with pin or chalk stripes. We are always careful to avoid any suggestion of ‘fancy dress’. As a rule of thumb, acceptable traditional attire is anything that could have been worn by a gentleman in 1910, but which still would not stop the traffic today – so perhaps precluding top hat and spats!