Traditional Attire Group - Socks & ShoesSocks & Shoes

The first requirement for traditional footwear must be “Keep it simple!”.

Socks should be plain, dark colours, and certainly not patterned. Wool is the most suitable material.

Shoes, likewise, will complement traditional attire if they are straightforward lace-up black brogues, with or without a pattern. For country wear accompanying tweeds, dark brown brogues are ideal, though boots may well be desirable if walking any distance is involved, especially across rough terrain

Good footwear can be expensive, but in the long run will justify the extra cost. For some reason, over the last decade many shoe retailers (and presumably manufacturers) have decided that your feet should adapt to their product, rather than vice-versa, so have abandoned half-sizes. If you are unlucky enough to need a half size, avoid these charlatans and shop around until you find your exact fit.