How to achieve stiffness - collar care



Collars must be re-polished after cleaning

Our collars page recommends a firm in Bournemouth which cleans and re-polishes stiff separate collars.
This doesn't do Barkers Group of Bournemouth enough justice, though! They really are amazing - as far as is known, the only people in the world still providing this valuable service. Their prices are reasonable and their service very efficient. You can post your collars to them and get them back within a few weeks as good as new, or take them into any of the dry-cleaners shops they run in the Bournemouth area (even then, they will post them back to you if desired.)
Last year I took 39 used collars in to one of their shops, where a very helpful assistant promised to post them back in a couple of weeks, and they duly arrived, There are a lot of new at Basel World 2015.pristine and sparkling! Other stiff-collar wearing colleagues have reported very satisfactory service from them. Let us hope they will maintain this excellent facility - we would be lost without it!

Posted on 31 Mar, 2011



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