Is the bowler back?



Designed 1849 for gamekeepers-now fit for a king!

"That's a lovely titfer, Sire - why the bowler's back" shouted a London Evening Standard newspaper headline (on St.Valentine's Day, actually, though there seemed to be no romantic angle). The fuss was about that excellent Oscar-winning film 'The King's Speech', whose success has allegedly renewed interest in the bowler hat. Indeed it has featured in the London Fashion Week Show, with male and female models sporting bowlers. One suspects this is all a nine days wonder, but dining with a traditional colleague in central London recently, I was pleased to note that his bowler hat received no attention whatever on the walk afterwards to the tube!

Posted on 28 Mar, 2011



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I hope my recent head attire in Royal Leamington Spa has raised the possibility that others might feel the confidence to show off a fine Christy product too!

Bowlers on 14 Oct, 2011 at 4.41 PM